Ciao, Hola, Hello,Bon Jour,Aloha,Ola, Yo,Holla!

Hello and Welcome to my blog!  The last breath of January is in the air and I had to check off one more thing from my 2012 resolution list.  Start Blogging!  I have soaked up so much from the blog world, from discovering the perfect lipstick shade to bonding with a perfect stranger as they exposed their most personal self to the faceless masses.  I don’t know exactly what face this blog will have entirely, just that its backbone will be my photography.  But lets hold hands and jump into the beautiful unknown together…

My name is Mandy, and I have always been a dreamer. There was once a time I could have imagined being a writer, but as they say, ” If you don’t use it, you lose it”  Always propelled by art, I dappled in seemingly every area of the subject over the years. When photography grasped me I can’t say definitively it was gradual with a few revelatory moments that really drove home that this was my destiny, and I can say that once it grabbed hold there was no going back.


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