MATT + KATRINA-Orange County Wedding Photographer

BONJOURNO MY MOST BEAUTIFUL BLOG READERS!  I wanted to share this wedding I shot at the tail end of 2011.  I was recently contacted by asking for pictures due to a feature presentation she had been honored with for the creation of this wedding dress.  So what better time to share it with all of you!

Matt & Katrina are the coolest people, and I had such a great time with them on their wedding day. They were so easy going, nothing could touch them on this of all days. They said their “I Do’s” at The Ramos House along Los Rios Street in beautiful San Juan Capistrano.  The Guest were memo’d to arrive in bold colors as the perfect foundation for the affair to be remembered.  Succulents strolled down the center of the tables and atop the wedding cake.  There were so many details not to be forgotten, I mean did you catch those shoes?

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Pinkmoss Disneyland Family Portrait – Southern California Family Photographer

The Funnest Place on Earth?!  It sure was this day!  All odds, well, we had a lot stacked against us as just about every member of the Moss Family was suffering from a treacherous Cold as they forced themselves to trek onward during their week long Family Vacation to Disneyland.  But as they say life is a roller coaster and we are better off if we enjoy the ride and keep our hands up in the air.  So we did just that, everyone rose like a sunflower and headed toward the sunshine on New years eve morning.  Yes, we did this on New years eve morning!!!  It was crowded… we wont sugar coat reality, but it really wasn’t that bad at all.  The only time the crowds really hinder you at a place like this is during an attempt to ride the rides, and we were able to squeeze a bit of that in to!  If you wanna enjoy some laughs or wanna know how a mom gets by running a household with 6 kids under the roof, head on over and check out PinkMoss Janae likes to kiss and tell when it comes to life, and who can pass by all those juicy deets?  She has prepared/taught me a lot in life, and well she’s a favorite of mine, and if I’m gunna brag a cousin too!

One last funny tid bit from this shoot, as I was shooting the funny faces of lil man Jordon in the bow tie, the rest of the family broke out in the giggles.  I thought they were just getting a kick out of me and my silly prompts I was throwing at Jordy to get some great expressions.  Nope, a little line had started forming behind me!  Oh, awkward moment.  Jon, a.k.a their dad kept saying Mandy looks like you’ve got a new model…wink wink, but it was flyin rite over my head, and everyone just kept laughing harder and harder!  I was so left out, then Janae took pity on me and leaned in to clue me in! I did the lets move on to the next spot reall quickly and avoided eye contact, I’m such a smoothy.  Hopefully I saved us all some awkwardness? haaa  Should I have just kept shooting strangers, and given them my card?  🙂  #FunShootingAtDisneyLand

Contact Me for your family pictures at Disneyland too!

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March 14, 2012 - 4:15 pm

Dave Gourley - Those are amazing Mandy!

Valentines A Birthday and an amazing So California Wedding Venue

Let em eat cake!


Yes, I made it. It’s Valentines day and I know you are laying around sharing chocolate covered strawberry’s with your loved ones….eek, I need to make this short so I can to!  I had the thought to share a shoot I did of my Big Sister Kim and her darling Family In Carlsbad.  Its her Birthday & she is enjoying a cake made for a queen(maybe I’ll post a pick later)!  Side note, I’m so cold rite now my fingers are locking up while I type. Burrr, these crisp winter California days… Ya, I said it, California gets cold!  But anyways I hope you enjoy this fun Photo safari through Carlsbad.  I did, and I am begging someone to get married here and of course invite me to capture it.  Another dream for 2012! Contact me if you wanna make your dream and my dream come true with an unbelievably amazing location wedding at this venue!

This hidden jewel tucked away in Carlsbad, California has charm to spare. From the rustic ranch shacks to paths lined with Agave, and a Pool perfect for floating lights.  Let me not forget the peacock sanctuary, in which you can happen upon fields of beautiful peacocks under light worthy of shedding a tear over as the sunsets. All this place needs is your wedding, Me and my over eagerness to shoot a wedding here and my camera. Ha XOXO

OK, I added Kims Cake…. (moment of silence)  This is a serious topic.  My sister, Kim, is a foodie.  Her family does not eat frivolously, each meal is gourmet. She herself could bake you under the table.  She’s the friend of a friend or neighbor everyone runs to to bake their cakes.  I hope one day she starts a bakery, I think she would be so good at it.  But with all this said, her Family discovered Mili’s sweets when they relocated to Carlsbad.  And, well, now when we walk into a soiree at Kims and we see Mili’s sweets are catering dessert we all know our diets no matter how strict are temporarily going on hold for the evening. Her Cupcakes will take you to another place not of this world, she makes Sprinkles cupcakes seem like childs play. She has flavors that will convince you  your tongue is tasting for the first time, room in gitty silence as they are consumed.  So if you are a cupcake or cake connosuir and you feel like you haven’t met your match, when it comes to living up to your cupcake standards.  From our family to yours we share our favorite, Milis sweets.  Maybe she would even bake you a wedding cake!  (Kim’s birthday cake above is Key lime cake with a graham cracker crust and strawberry cream cheese frosting, in case you were wondering) Pay her a visit Here. And let me know how it goes!  P.S.S She prides herself on running a NUT-FREE-BAKERY, my niece struggles with crummy nut allergy’s and its so awesome when she can partake in the treats too. So one more awesome point for Mili’s!

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February 15, 2012 - 2:19 pm

Barb - These are beautiful Mandy. You are very talented.

Amanda and Adrian Wedding-Orange County Wedding Photographer

I first met up with the Bridal party on Famous Rios street in San Juan Capistrano, (I love shooting there) we were standing around keeping an eye out when this amazing train of vintage cars cruised by and a little wish in my heart fluttered. Where was she? How fun to shoot her with these old cars?  It was then that my phone rang and she explained the groom and his best men were all driving old cars and would be arriving any minute!  Some days you just luck out. And my luck was multiplied that day when she appeared as a modern vintage inspired knockout!  Her dress was stunning and I couldn’t get enough of her bird cage veil.  Sprinkles of eggplant throughout the day.

Being a wedding photographer is voyeuristic by nature  and, well, so am I.  Is that creepy?  Haa… I love having the opportunity to walk into the warmest, fuzziest, joyous moments of my clients lives and share those fleeting moments with them.  A highlight has always been hearing the toasts made in their honor.   Amanda & Adrian’s toasts made on there behalf were everything anyone could ever hope to hear from your truest dearest friends.  And, well, I confess my eyes were a bit misty.

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March 21, 2012 - 5:07 pm

Janae - wow…Mandy, you have unbelievable talent!

Ciao, Hola, Hello,Bon Jour,Aloha,Ola, Yo,Holla!

Hello and Welcome to my blog!  The last breath of January is in the air and I had to check off one more thing from my 2012 resolution list.  Start Blogging!  I have soaked up so much from the blog world, from discovering the perfect lipstick shade to bonding with a perfect stranger as they exposed their most personal self to the faceless masses.  I don’t know exactly what face this blog will have entirely, just that its backbone will be my photography.  But lets hold hands and jump into the beautiful unknown together…

My name is Mandy, and I have always been a dreamer. There was once a time I could have imagined being a writer, but as they say, ” If you don’t use it, you lose it”  Always propelled by art, I dappled in seemingly every area of the subject over the years. When photography grasped me I can’t say definitively it was gradual with a few revelatory moments that really drove home that this was my destiny, and I can say that once it grabbed hold there was no going back.


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