Pinkmoss Disneyland Family Portrait – Southern California Family Photographer

The Funnest Place on Earth?!  It sure was this day!  All odds, well, we had a lot stacked against us as just about every member of the Moss Family was suffering from a treacherous Cold as they forced themselves to trek onward during their week long Family Vacation to Disneyland.  But as they say life is a roller coaster and we are better off if we enjoy the ride and keep our hands up in the air.  So we did just that, everyone rose like a sunflower and headed toward the sunshine on New years eve morning.  Yes, we did this on New years eve morning!!!  It was crowded… we wont sugar coat reality, but it really wasn’t that bad at all.  The only time the crowds really hinder you at a place like this is during an attempt to ride the rides, and we were able to squeeze a bit of that in to!  If you wanna enjoy some laughs or wanna know how a mom gets by running a household with 6 kids under the roof, head on over and check out PinkMoss Janae likes to kiss and tell when it comes to life, and who can pass by all those juicy deets?  She has prepared/taught me a lot in life, and well she’s a favorite of mine, and if I’m gunna brag a cousin too!

One last funny tid bit from this shoot, as I was shooting the funny faces of lil man Jordon in the bow tie, the rest of the family broke out in the giggles.  I thought they were just getting a kick out of me and my silly prompts I was throwing at Jordy to get some great expressions.  Nope, a little line had started forming behind me!  Oh, awkward moment.  Jon, a.k.a their dad kept saying Mandy looks like you’ve got a new model…wink wink, but it was flyin rite over my head, and everyone just kept laughing harder and harder!  I was so left out, then Janae took pity on me and leaned in to clue me in! I did the lets move on to the next spot reall quickly and avoided eye contact, I’m such a smoothy.  Hopefully I saved us all some awkwardness? haaa  Should I have just kept shooting strangers, and given them my card?  🙂  #FunShootingAtDisneyLand

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March 14, 2012 - 4:15 pm

Dave Gourley - Those are amazing Mandy!

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