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With 2013 here and unfolding upon us, I had the idea to do something new this year.  Well not just something but a lot of things new…  At the beginning of the month I was laying around ridden with a Migraine, yet still browsing the channels with one eye open. I came across an enthralling telethon, I kid you not.  A woman was sharing her story, her story of what took place as she knocked on deaths door while fighting with her last bit of fight against cancer.  She was sharing this intense story of going beyond this world and into the next, it caught my attention.  But some of what really left an impression on me was that in the end she was told it wasn’t her time, she still had work to do in her life, and was sent back.  With this she said there was disappointment because the world beyond was one in which engulfed her with absolute unconditional love, but as she was in that state she embraced that she had work to fulfill back on this side, but rather than feel anxiety at the task as she might have on this side. She simply understood that the only job or work she needed to do was to come back and be herself in the fullest capacity.  To fearlessly be herself and share that with others when she returned. So that was it, we all need to BE OURSELVES WITHOUT FEAR and by doing so we will enable our neighbor to do so in return because we are all connected in the end. What a great message for us all as we start 2013!


RE: Joyce

Joyce is a Laguna beach Native who is now an artist working out of an Amazing studio in Santa Ana that has the dreamiest light any artist could ever, ever dream of.  Picture a Green House in the rain forest, that’s basically how I feel while visiting, wild parrots that fill her trees feed the illusion.  Joyce also happens to be my aunt, so better bet my fingers are crossed I look this hot at 60!  I thought it would be fun to share a peak inside her lil greenhouse that allows her and her work to bloom in its magic light. And inspire all of us to let our own light shine a lil brighter this year!

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January 30, 2013 - 5:46 am

marie collins - Mandy Oliver U do fantastically beautiful work, and know how to make a person feel special..much success in 2013 and in all U do..enjoyed the photo shoot!

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