Valentines A Birthday and an amazing So California Wedding Venue

Let em eat cake!


Yes, I made it. It’s Valentines day and I know you are laying around sharing chocolate covered strawberry’s with your loved ones….eek, I need to make this short so I can to!  I had the thought to share a shoot I did of my Big Sister Kim and her darling Family In Carlsbad.  Its her Birthday & she is enjoying a cake made for a queen(maybe I’ll post a pick later)!  Side note, I’m so cold rite now my fingers are locking up while I type. Burrr, these crisp winter California days… Ya, I said it, California gets cold!  But anyways I hope you enjoy this fun Photo safari through Carlsbad.  I did, and I am begging someone to get married here and of course invite me to capture it.  Another dream for 2012! Contact me if you wanna make your dream and my dream come true with an unbelievably amazing location wedding at this venue!

This hidden jewel tucked away in Carlsbad, California has charm to spare. From the rustic ranch shacks to paths lined with Agave, and a Pool perfect for floating lights.  Let me not forget the peacock sanctuary, in which you can happen upon fields of beautiful peacocks under light worthy of shedding a tear over as the sunsets. All this place needs is your wedding, Me and my over eagerness to shoot a wedding here and my camera. Ha XOXO

OK, I added Kims Cake…. (moment of silence)  This is a serious topic.  My sister, Kim, is a foodie.  Her family does not eat frivolously, each meal is gourmet. She herself could bake you under the table.  She’s the friend of a friend or neighbor everyone runs to to bake their cakes.  I hope one day she starts a bakery, I think she would be so good at it.  But with all this said, her Family discovered Mili’s sweets when they relocated to Carlsbad.  And, well, now when we walk into a soiree at Kims and we see Mili’s sweets are catering dessert we all know our diets no matter how strict are temporarily going on hold for the evening. Her Cupcakes will take you to another place not of this world, she makes Sprinkles cupcakes seem like childs play. She has flavors that will convince you  your tongue is tasting for the first time, room in gitty silence as they are consumed.  So if you are a cupcake or cake connosuir and you feel like you haven’t met your match, when it comes to living up to your cupcake standards.  From our family to yours we share our favorite, Milis sweets.  Maybe she would even bake you a wedding cake!  (Kim’s birthday cake above is Key lime cake with a graham cracker crust and strawberry cream cheese frosting, in case you were wondering) Pay her a visit Here. And let me know how it goes!  P.S.S She prides herself on running a NUT-FREE-BAKERY, my niece struggles with crummy nut allergy’s and its so awesome when she can partake in the treats too. So one more awesome point for Mili’s!

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February 15, 2012 - 2:19 pm

Barb - These are beautiful Mandy. You are very talented.

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